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Endocrine Disrupters Q&A with Eric Garza

Check out the link above for my 45 minute long interview with Eric Garza, PhD. This chat was FASCINATING! I learned so much more than I expected about what endocrine disrupters are, where they are found, and how they can impact us.

What I loved the most about this chat is Garza's conviction that we all have agency! We can avoid being exposed with the proper interventions. At one point during the interview, I said it's all about "what we are willing to sacrifice". Garza rephrased it by saying avoiding these products isn't a sacrifice at all, but something wonderful we can all do for ourselves.

Avoidance WORKS, as we discussed in great detail during this chat. It's definitely worth a listen!! You will feel empowered to make the appropriate changes in your own lives.

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